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« on: July 23, 2010, 02:50:31 AM »

There has been a seemingly insane proliferation of locations "discovered" for Atlantis. But why is that?

I estimate that it has as much to do with ego as with creativity. Why ego? What upstanding scientists wants to have anything to do with a subject steeped in Nazi German mysticism and New Age clairvoyants? Atlantis has had a bad rap, for sure. In fact, the skeptic's claim that there is nothing in the geology of the North Atlantic that would allow for the past existence and subsequent subsidence of a large island. So, Atlantologists have felt compelled to look elsewhere.


But hold your horses! Right where Plato told us Atlantis existed, there is plenty in modern geology to support the past creation and subsequent demise of a large island. And a big part of why Atlantis sank has more to do with climate than geology, anyway.


I'm new to this forum, but I hope you will indulge me a little showmanship. A new video is coming out on Monday (July 26, 2010). It's called, "Why the Philippines will Not be the Next Atlantis." As you can probably guess, a comparison is made between the Philippines archipelago and Atlantis. Thankfully for the Philippines, there are some things very different about how they were formed and where they are that will keep them from suffering the fate of Atlantis. And thankfully for me, too, because I currently live in the Philippines. Whew!

The information in this video explains why Atlantis was formed and why it collapsed. It also explains the peculiar geology from Gibraltar to the mid-Atlantic ridge. It also explains some of the mid-continent features of North Africa and at least partially explains why Africa lost Arabia (it used to be part of the Africa plate). It also explains why the Mediterranean went dry for more than half a million years — a mile-deep desert. And it explains how Atlantis got its elephants.


I've already discovered three items of evidence which prove something very, very big happened 9620 BC — a veritable match for Plato's date for the demise of Atlantis. You can find that information at, Mission: Atlantis, proof.


And the geology of Atlantis? Well, let me ask you this: Where are most mountains and islands formed? Answer: Next to tectonic plate boundaries. And guess what runs through Gibraltar and through the Azores archipelago? Yep, the Africa-Eurasia tectonic plate boundary. Watch the video and you will understand. Directions may be found at my Mission: Atlantis website.


No one yet knows where Atlantis was. We don't yet have direct proof of its past existence. Yet, this video, combined with other evidence (linguistic, cultural, genetic and others) supports Plato's original story.

And just like Heinrich Schliemann finding Troy, if we follow the clues Plato gave us, perhaps we too can find proof of our quest. But this time it's proof of humanity's second-greatest tragedy.

Even before you watch the upcoming video (July 26), I'd like to get your thoughts on Plato's original location — outside Gibraltar, facing Gadira (modern Cádiz, Spain), and stretching toward the Azores. So, what do you think?

Paradigm shift happens.
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« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2010, 08:13:44 PM »

Hello lone77star,

Very much looking forward to the video.

In regard to:
I'd like to get your thoughts on Plato's original location — outside Gibraltar, facing Gadira (modern Cádiz, Spain), and stretching toward the Azores. So, what do you think?

As you may already know, I also believe that if Atlantis existed it was located beyond the Mediterranean and Gibraltar, but I do struggle quite a bit with the idea that a large section of the Atlantic seafloor was at one time a continent. We'll see what the upcoming video can do to convince me otherwise.

As for the "facing Gadira" reference, just a minor note, which doesn't appear to conflict with anything you are saying here. This is obviously a directional reference and does not in any way pinpoint a specific location for Atlantis. In fact the passage where this reference occurs merely informs us that a portion of the Atlantis continent relegated to Atlas' twin brother Gadeirus was "the extremity of the island towards the Pillars of Heracles, facing the country which is now called the region of Gades."

Some have attempted to use this passage to support the idea that Atlantis lay immediately in front of Gades or the Strait of Gibraltar, but it's actually just informing us that Gadeirus maintained an eastern portion of the Atlantis continent. In my particular theory this would be the northeastern portion of South America, likely Brazil. In your theory it would appear to be the portion of the Atlantic seafloor lying furthest from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and closest to Gades and Gibraltar. Both sites conform because no distance is specified between Atlantis and Gades.

Do you have a map illustrating the scope of your proposed continent? From your posts it sounds as if you may be defining a very general area, but the reason I ask is because I am curious as to how the current contours conform or if they are even required to within your theory.


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